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PSí Moto Printed suits – Design and safety together

16. 02. 2017

What do we call a “printed suit”?
We’re talking about a suit that has the design printed directly onto the leather.  The suit is not cut and sewn from a large number of separate pieces of colored leather, lettering and logos.  It is instead, cut out of the largest pieces of leather to reduce the seams to a bare minimum, which means increased safety.


PSí Moto PSí Hubik Story

14. 11. 2016

PSi Hubik?  A brand that motorcyclists from all around the world wear today, began as a thought from an engineer named Libor Hubik.  Who can say more about PSi then the owner and founder himself?  What were all the challenges that Libor went through and what actually brought him to form PSi? We interviewed him personally so we could find out how it all began!