GRID - AIRBAG LEATHER RACE SUIT - černá/bílá/žlutá

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Product Description

It is introduced a suit with integrated TECH-AIR® airbag. The highest rate of protection! The system works electronically thanks to ACU software (Airbag Control Unit) that detects a dangerous situation for the rider and it is activated in case of danger. The advantage is that you are not fastened with any cable to the motorcycle. Next benefit of the electronic device is that you have not to be connected by means of signal what is commonly required by systems being linked to GPS. The airbag protects the upper part of your body in the range of 360 degrees. It will reinforce your shoulders, chest, upper part of abdomen, back and kidney area. The design of the RACING GRID suit is adjusted for the TECH-AIR® airbag and the suit is supplied including complete system. It is designed especially for racing circles therefore a complete racing kit is in the base package. The great benefit is that the TECH-AIR® Airbag can be configured from the RACE mode (for racing) to the STREET mode (for touring). It contains two cartridges and in case of accident both of them are activated at the same time and they are filled in up to unbelievable 25 ms. On the racing circuit one cartridge is filled in at first and then the other one remains as another protection. Increase your safety on your trip, drive with airbag!


  • Airbag system TECH-AIR® - complete set
  • Sas-Tec® protectors on shoulders
  • PSi® elbows, PSi® knees, PSi® shins – ergonomic plastic protectors with sendwich construction
  • T.F.S. Protection – double system of protection on shoulders with "ferrites" – high-strength steel
  • Elbow with removable plastic protectors
  • Cervical vertebrae protector "hump"- big with adjustment for putting in a "hydro-back"
  • Viscofoam® on arms, tailbone, collar bones and ribcage
  • Hips: Sas-Tec® - 3D Viscous Elastic Foam Protectors - EVOLUTION
  • Forearm protector
  • Kevlar reinforcement on bum style GP
  • Prepared for attaching the separate chest protector
  • Safety seams
  • Replaceable knee sliders
  • back protector (as a part of airbag)


  • 2x inner pocket on the lining


  • flexible leather parts - sleeves, back, hips and knees for mobility and making a space when the airbag is inflated
  • Kevlar stretch from Schoeller Keprotec®  sleeves, legs in max. range for the best mobility
  • comfortable NEOPREN collar
  • soft NEOPREN wrists
  • perforated leathers for the best ventilation
  • kevlar part on shins for higher comfort in boots
  • anti-slip strips for better handling of the bike


  • Italian cowhide with thickness of 1.2 to 1.4mm – High Solid finish
  • Leightweight perforated polyester lining

Product video


racing grid tech-air_protectors_en.png - PSí Hubík


I made my mind up then and there to find a manufacturer that will supply me (a non racer) the same highest quality suit as the officially sponsored racers get. I want it to be made in the same factory by the same people from the same materials. PSI is that manufacturer! 

Simon Crafar

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