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Rain coat - Pants TOURING II.
Rain coat - Pants TOURING II.
Rain coat - Pants TOURING II.
119.96 €

Product Description

The signal cape is mainly designed for the rain and it protects against cold and whereas bad weather also worsens visibility and hereby the cape significantly increases a visibility of rider. An advantage is our high-tech design of this product thanks to used material that is even air-permeable in contrast to common waterproofs and close-fitting cut that is not inflated when riding the motorcycle. Long zip-fasteners alongside the legs will make the vesting in the field easy.

Material: 75% polyester, 25% polyurethane, thermopress logo

Design: unisex


In fact, there is a lot of reasons why I ride in the PSí suit but the most important reasons are excellent quality, great people, perfect service.

Michal Filla

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