RAPTOR - LEATHER RACE SUIT - bílá/černá/červená

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Product Description

One-piece leather suit for track use. A combination of kangaroo and cow hide provides maximum comfort under race conditions.  The kangaroo hide is placed in the centre of the body where the rider requires maximum flexibility when leaning into turns and hanging off the motorcycle. Top class leather is sourced from a renowned Italian supplier, specialising in processing hides for motorcycle applications. Twin Ferrite Protection System, used on the shoulders and elbows, is a unique PSi  technology tested  by Moto GP riders. In the event of impact on these vulnerable areas the “Ferrites” disperse and absorb part of the energy. Not only does this enhance rider protection but also helps limit damage to the suit itself.


  • PSi® shoulders, PSi® elbows, PSi® knees,  PSi® shins – ergonomic, sandwich construction, plastic protectors
  • T.F.S. Protection – double protection system on shoulders and elbows
  • Large hump – cervical vertebrae protector
  • Hip protectors Sas-Tec® – EVOLUTION design
  • Viscofoam®  on arms, tailbone, collar bone and ribcage
  • Forearm protector
  • Kevlar reinforcement on seating area - GP TECH design
  • Preparation for attachment of separate chest protector
  • Safety seams
  • Replaceable knee sliders


  • 2x internal pockets in the lining


  • Schoeller Keprotec® Kevlar Stretch panels in sleeves and legs for maximum movement
  • Comfortable NEOPRENE collar
  • Soft NEOPRENE wrist cuffs
  • Perforated leather for optimum ventilation
  • Kevlar shin stretch panels for higher comfort in boots


  • The combination of kangaroo and cow leather - High Solid finish
  • Lightweight perforated polyester lining



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I made my mind up then and there to find a manufacturer that will supply me (a non racer) the same highest quality suit as the officially sponsored racers get. I want it to be made in the same factory by the same people from the same materials. PSI is that manufacturer! 

Simon Crafar

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