Schuberth SC10UA C3 Pro / C3 Basic / C3 / E1 Communication System

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Product Description

Your personal communication centre with audio multitasking. Top-quality sound – almost invisible. Communicate, make phone calls, navigate, listen to music - communication is really easy now, even on a motorcycle. Firmware update 2.0: The firmware update makes the SC10UA an absolute all-rounder. The audio multitasking allows for conversations while also simultaneously listening to music.


  • communication center with audio multitasking
  • best sound
  • communicate, make phone calls, navigate, listen to music
  • the firmware update 2.0 makes the SC10UA an absolute all-rounder
  • the audio multitasking allows for conversations while also simultaneously listening to music


Superior Performance for Audio and Conversation:

  • Listen to the radio as you ride, as well as pairing your SC10UA with your phone and satnav so that you can listen to music, make a phone call or hear navigation instructions.
  • A robust Bluetooth connection links up two external devices at the same time.
  • The SC10UA allows four-way communication with your riding buddies.
  • It has up to ten hours talk time, so you’re more likely to run out of fuel before the SC10UA needs recharging.

Ride safely with: Advanced Noise Control™:

  • Thanks to Advanced Noise Control™, incoming and outgoing audio signals (such as music, telephone, intercom and navigation) are not affected by ambient noise.
  • Customise to your own preferences with the SCHUBERTH Smartphone App.

Connecting to your phone:

You can use the SCHUBERTH Headset App to configure the device settings. Launch the App and then just pair your SC10UA with your phone. Then you will be able to:

  • manage group lists
  • save favourites (including groups)
  • set up speed dial
  • start Group Intercom™
  • save preset radio stations
  • change device settings

Now for Apple iOS and Google Android.


  • C3
  • C3 Basic
  • C3 Pro
  • E1


I have been wearing the suits PSI Hubík when riding since the beginning of my career, I think that I was one of the first customers, that’s why I can see the development of their suits. 

Igor Kaláb

Did you know?

We produced our first integrated airbag race suit in 2016 for racer Ondrej Jezek, which was soon followed by our cooperation with Karel Abraham from MotoGP. Thanks to having our own production plant, right here in the Czech Republic, we are able to continuously participate in the ongoing development of airbag systems, and their implementation into motorcycle clothing for both on-track and off-road use.