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T-Shirt ART - černá/bílá/červená

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T-Shirt ART
T-Shirt ART
24.95 €

Product Description

Designer T-shirt from 100% cotton. Incorporating biker motif and slogans "RIDE OR DIE, LIVE TO RIDE, RIDE TO LIVE, RIDE LIKE THE WIND" expressing the love of life on two wheels. From a heavier weight of cotton. Tailored side seams. Neckline is ribbed knit and reinforced at the back with a hem incorporating our PSí logo. Thanks to the unisex styling it is suitable for men, women as well as boys and girls. You can fit out the entire motorcycle family. A great gift idea!


  • unisex


  • 100 % cotton - weight 200 g/m2


I very appreciate their high-quality products and their pursuits of continuous innovations. For example, thanks to implementation of a direct print on leather, the suit got lighter and more elastic. 

Jan Halbich