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T-shirts CityZen® are made of 100% premium cotton, thanks to which they breathe and are pleasant to the touch. The inner side absorbs moisture, distributes it over a large area and accelerates its evaporation. The T-shirts dry quickly, are not cool on the skin and minimise body odour. The outer side is protected against stains and dirt, so the liquids flow freely off the T-shirt and leave no trace. The combination of these effects of patented CityZen® technology ensures comfortable wear, reduces odour and provides the T-shirt with its greatest advantage – no sweat marks.

Made in the Czech Republic.


  • Men‘s


  • 100% premium cotton + thermolis logo


I have been wearing the suits PSI Hubík when riding since the beginning of my career, I think that I was one of the first customers, that’s why I can see the development of their suits. 

Igor Kaláb