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Stylish biker jacket. Lightweight and breathable thanks to high cotton content material. Leather shoulder sections are both stylish and protective. In hot summer temperatures cooling is aided by opening of chest ventilation flaps, allowing circulation of air inside the jacket which is vented through similar openings in the back. Side panels allow easy movement on the motorcycle. Technically and design wise, this jacket is for the "style conscious" and "cafe racers" with a sense of detail. It can be customised further with the addition of a personal patch, simply attached to the prepared Velcro  on the left shoulder. In short the RIGEL jacket is for any rider in the “urban” zone and beyond.


  • Men´s


  • Shoulder, elbow and back - Sas-Tec® - Removable
  • Reinforced safety seams


  • 4x front
  • 1x sleeve
  • 4x lining
  • 1x flap covered


  • Soft collar
  • Leather-lined cuffs
  • Ventilation pockets
  • 45cm fastening zipper to join with trousers
  • Size adjustable collar and waist
  • 3D materiál on the back, for wicking sweat
  • Unique back design for shoulder comfort


  • Outer: 55% cotton + 45% Cordura + cowhide
  • Lining: Lightweight sweat reducing polyester



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In fact, there is a lot of reasons why I ride in the PSí suit but the most important reasons are excellent quality, great people, perfect service.

Michal Filla

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