TRINITY LADY - LEATHER SUIT - černá/žlutá/červená/bílá

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Product Description

Ladies one piece, leather motorcycle suit in an attractive design. Thanks to the very special “direct print on to leather” technology we can apply striking graphics across the entire suit. Fluorescent leather details, enhance the design while adding to passive safety from increased visibility when riding. Comfort while moving is assured by the use of stretch Kevlar panels on the sleeves and crotch. Safety is provided by a series of protectors in vulnerable areas. Comfort, safety, and the unique design guarantee 100% rider satisfaction.


  • Shoulders, elbows, knees, shins: Sas-Tec® 3D protector from viscous elastic foam.
  • Shoulder, elbows: PSI® T. F. S. – double absorption system using external"ferrites" of high strength steel.
  • Back: Sas-Tec® 3D protector  from viscous elastic foam in a zipped pocket – easily removable.
  • Hips: Sas-Tec®  3D protector from viscous elastic foam.
  • Arms: reinforced with Viscofoam®.
  • Reinforced across the buttocks.
  • Safety seams.
  • Reflective panels.
  • Prepared for additional knee sliders.


  • 2x internal pockets in lining.


  • Schoeller Keprotec® stretch kevlar in sleeves and crotch for maximum ease of movement.
  • Comfortable 3D lining in the area of the back protector for optimal wicking of sweat.
  • Sleeves finished with absorbent, textile, cuff for comfort while wearing gloves.


  • 1,2 - 1,4 mm thick, high quality, solid, cow-hide from specialist, Italian supplier.
  • Perforated, lightweight, polyester lining.


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TRINITY_chrániče_1_en.png - PSí Hubík


I have been racing since 1997 and I have been wearing the PSí suits for 19 seasons since 1999. I have no so long relationship with any other company than with PSí. 

Ondřej Ježek