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We love challenges! When we were approached to participate in the ‘100 Years Of Zlin Design’ project, we didn’t hesitate. The proposition of making a new suit to a completely different specification to our norm, appealed to us greatly.100 let zlínského designu

99 % of a custom suit is usually determined by the customer. The design requirement, for example, often follows that of the bike, colours and style. This time there was no such specification and our designer in the PSí HUBÍK s.r.o. team,  Bc. Simona Darebníková, was thus given a completely free reign. 

PSí designer Bc.Simona DarebníkováDesignérka PSí HUBÍK

How did you approach the task of presenting PSí in the 100 Years of Zlin Design Project?

„I knew that I did not have to stick to any established rules,“ explains Simona. „That meant no restrictions on colours, materials etc … I didn’t even have to worry about the lifespan of the product if I chose unconventional combinations of technologies, and so it happened.“ 

Graphic design of the Kaleidoscope suitgrafický návrh kombinézy KALEIDOSKOP

Why the kaleidoscope? 

„The idea was actually raised by our boss, Libor Hubík, when we were initially considering participating in the project. We needed something original, that had not been seen on a suit before.“ she recalls. „Also something colourful, cheerful, playful …“ adds Libor. „Simply a demonstration of what we can technically achieve."

And so the kaleidoscope idea was born. Providing us with exactly the amount of creativity that we needed. 


How did the production go?

„The foremost concern was that the vivid colours, which are the very essence of a kaleidoscope,  would stand out on the suit. That is why we chose to use argento laminato leather as a base for the printing. This is the original designation from an Italian tannery’s surface treatment that literally translates as laminated silver” Simona explains that “with this technology we managed to achieve the desired effect of playing with the light”.

Cutting the leather partsvyřezávání dílů z kůže 

What was the hardest part?

„The kaleidoscope motif is a complex element. A lot of time was spent on processing the graphics of the coloured elements and grouping them into shapes which we then had to located correctly in the right parts of the suit.” 

Graphical preparation for the leather printing

Příprava designu na tiskgrafické zpracování kombinézy KALEIDOSKOPetiketa k výročí 100 let zlínského designu


Is it purely a display piece?

„The KALEIDOSCOPE suit has all of the protective features and cut of a race garment. The one-piece design is the most suitable for the creative rendering of the theme. It is made in size 36, shown here modelled by Zuzana Kašpárková and photographed by Michael Mařík. The suit however is not for sale but shall be used for exhibitions, advertising photographs and so on.“

Model Zuzana Kašpárková, photograph Michael Mařík of Zlínkombinéza PSí HUBÍK KALEIDOSKOPkombinéza PSí HUBÍK KALEIDOSKOPkombinéza PSí HUBÍK KALEIDOSKOP

At the last moment we decided to add a pair of gloves also incorporating the KALEIDOSCOPE design. They are based on the top of the range race glove produced directly in our facility in the Czech Republic

Motorcycle gloves in the KALEIDOSCOPE designmoto rukavice RACE - KALEIDOSKOP

The industrial design exhibition took place in the unique premises of Building 61, dating from 1931 wit it’s preserved, authentic interior from the famous Bata plants.

zahájení výstavy 100 let zlínského designuvýstava 100 let zlínského designuzlin aircraftcontinentalkoma

We were deeply honoured to be one of the 30 exhibiting from the Zlin Region. Other exhibits included an acrobatic aeroplane, modular building construction system and a new tubeless tyre.

výstava 100 let zlínského designu

Simona Darebníková, PSi designer and Monika Hubíková, PSi managing director

výstava 100 let zlínského designu  


Which biker, girl or guy, would actually think of wearing the Kaleidoscope suit out on the road? Well perhaps not many, but now that it has been shown to the world perhaps more people will realise how good it could be to break away from the norm, and give space to something new and unusual. So let’s allow ourselves a bit more freedom of thought and the creation of more original suit designs. We show our uniqueness to the world around us. 



Did you know? 

The city of Zlin commemorated its 700 yearjubilee. To mark the occasion a number of events and celebrations were held to promote the great achievements, and potential, of all the people who have, and continue, to form the city into its current form. The organisers wanted to highlight the creativity which forms one of the core aspects of Zlin and its surroundings.  The most significant event is the annual Zlin Design Week, where young designers and professionals are showcased. 

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