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Each model of the PSi HUBÍK collection is represented by a story. It is same in the case of the suit for circuit racings RACING ASTAROTH. What is unique on this suit? You will just learn in the following article.

The year 2011 was ground-breaking in the production of racing suits. The PSi Hubík manufacturer implemented a special Japanese design-printing technology directly into the leather that totally changed a manufacturing aspect. The suit has not to be cut and stitched together from many parts due to the design anymore; whole graphics may be directly printed into the easier cutting line thanks to this new technology. Hereby we may reduce a number of seams, the suit is more comfortable then, lighter and less seams means also more safety during racer’s falls. And that’s the question, as written by Shakespeare, of the TOP racing suits. In top level sports each detail must fit in each other.

Absolutely new design requirements were generated after the modification of the basic cut of a racing one-part suit. We had not to limit a scale of colours and graphics anymore. Now, we can print very complicated pattern motifs, small lettering, colour transition and even photos.

In order to create a new model we invited, of course, a specialist of racing suits, an Italian designer Marco Malangone. And the model RACING ASTAROTH was born. It was firstly introduced at the motorcycle fair MOTOSALON in Prague in 2015.  

The design RACING ASTAROTH was drafted by us with a goal to be able to easily complete sponsor logos, names and start number for the racers and that the general aesthetic impression remained balanced.

When manufacturing we carried out a plenty of modifications. Thanks to the job-order production and making to measure we are able to adapt the basic design to the individual customer requirements and a unique model is created from the serial model.

In conclusion, enjoy a short video that introduces a circuit suit RACING ASTAROTH in the action by means of the racer Michal Filla on the Brno Circuit.

Even you may draft your own suit design, in the app DESIGNER >>