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Valentine surprise in the shape of a new suit? Maybe not, but in any case, there is a new suit for the girlfriend of YouTuber Suky. Was it an impulsive decision, or had the idea of getting a bespoke combination been brewing for some time? We asked the best person to tell us, Kristyna, the owner of this unique suit in the SukyBiker.cz design.   

"The idea of getting my own leather suit had been in the back of my mind for about a year. Riding on the bike is a daily occurrence for us, throughout the season, but to be honest what I have been wearing, in the past, has not been the safest! If I look back and consider all the pillion rides I’ve made in black jeans, ankle boots and a friends ‘off the peg’ jacket, that basically was a better fit for someone other than me, then I can only be grateful that we luckily did not encounter a single incident. All the more so considering we are using bikes like the R1, FZ1, Pannigale V2 and Streetfighter V4S”


“So, it was time to take action. The first step was to sit down, at home, to decide what we wanted the suit to look like. A friend had a good experience in getting a suit made to his own design, so it was clear where we would go, and headed to the PSí Hubík store, in Pilsen, where we laid our ideas out on the table”

Hana Madurkay, PSí specialist in Pilsen, reviewing the design with Kristyna.psi_plzen

Kristyna tells us how the overall look of the design came about. “We wanted the suit to somehow complement with Suky, whose outfit was designed for manufacture in PSí by Jakub Palecek of EXD Airbrush & Graphics. At the same time though I wanted to be a bit more minimalist while keeping some elements to match. We kept the same red right leg, small flashes in the background, bright yellow accents and the Sukybiker.cz logo”

Key moment for the completion of the design was the integration of some special features: "Rossi, a runway with an aeroplane, and the inscription REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT, would it all work?". These personal touches give us a clue as to Kristyna’s likes and hobby.

Graphic design layout for production.navrh_kombinezy 

"The design started to come together, but the half empty back was an issue. In a flash came an idea – to match the helmet graphic. We rotated and re-positioned some the stripes, not immediately finding the ideal place but in the end the hump won J. The runway is surrounded by grey and black stripes which matches the helmet perfectly”

Matching graphics on the back of the suit and the HJC helmet.zada_kombinezy_psi

After finalising the graphic design, choosing colours, and all the optional elements, Kristyna was measured and everything recorded in the order form to be sent to production.

Suit construction at the PSí production plant.výroba kombinézy na míru

výroba kombinézy

výroba kombinézy

nápis na kombinéze

výroba kombinézy

How is the result? "After 8 weeks of anticipation, I saw the final suit, from my design, right in front of me. It was simply wonderful! After putting it on for the first time, I felt that everything fits exactly as it should, and the high quality of workmanship is immediately apparent" was Kristyna’s enthusiastic first impression.

The finished product.kombinéza šitá na míru

"Waiting for the season will be even harder now with the new suit, but I am pleased that the next time I go out I shall be able to enjoy the ride, knowing  that if something was to happen then I am protected from head to toe. " are Kristyna’s thoughts as she considers riding again with worrying about her skin!

kombinéza na přánísladění kombinézy v páru 

Are you interested in the equipment, features and safety features Kristyna chose for her suit?

  • Two-piece design – first of all, she decided that as a passenger she preferred a two-piece suit, that can be joined at the waist with a long zip. This allows for practical removal of the jacket when stopping for a coffee, for example, out on a ride.
  • Airbag – Safety was very important for her. As the pillion to YouTuber Suky the ride is often on fast motorcycles. Kristyna most definitely wanted an airbag. The most suitable variant was to use the Tech-Air 5 airbag vest. This item utilises operator modes and, being electronically controlled, is not tethered to the motorcycle in any way.
  • Extra safety features – she also opted for additional reinforcement across the collarbones, chest, double protection on the hips and cervical vertebrae.
  • Comfort – for ease of wear with high bike boots, she chose Kevlar stretch panels on the shins, which snugly embrace the leg, not allowing for any additional folds that can cause pressure. 

originální design kombinézy 

"Before I came to PSí I would never have believed that such a perfect suit, which reflects me, matches my boyfriend, offers ultimate protection, and meets all my requirements could be made. Thank you so much!"

... and we also thank Kristyna for the interview and wish you many happy kilometres.

Thanks also to Suky, SukyBiker.cz, whom Kristyna safely brought to PSí, Jakub Paleček of EXD Airbrush & Graphics, who provided the inspiration for the design.