Chest protector SAS-TEC for children

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Product Description

Chest protector reduces the risk of chest trauma. It is a 3D protector made of viscous elastic foam with high absorption values of shock energy. An advantage is the easy-to-attach Velcro fastener (the sticker is included). Body temperature ergonomically adapts the chest protector to your shape so you do not even feel it when riding. It is light, it does not destroy its shock absorbing properties if used in a crash, it can be used repeatedly.

Meets EN1621-3: 2015.

Level of protection: Level 1

Weight: approx. 115g

Dimensions (L/ W / Th): approx. 200/260/13 mm

Design: for children


I very appreciate their high-quality products and their pursuits of continuous innovations. For example, thanks to implementation of a direct print on leather, the suit got lighter and more elastic. 

Jan Halbich