Chest protector SAS-TEC SC-1-CP3

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Product Description

Chest protector reduces the risk of chest trauma. It is a 3D protector made of viscous elastic foam with high absorption values of shock energy. An advantage is the easy-to-attach Velcro fastener (the sticker is included). Body temperature ergonomically adapts the chest protector to your shape so you do not even feel it when riding. It is light, it does not destroy its shock absorbing properties if used in a crash, it can be used repeatedly.

Meets EN1621-3: 2015.

Level of protection

  • Level 1


  • approx. 265g

Dimensions (L/ W / Th)

  • approx. 235/310/13 mm


  • unisex




I have been wearing the suits PSI Hubík when riding since the beginning of my career, I think that I was one of the first customers, that’s why I can see the development of their suits. 

Igor Kaláb

Did you know?

We produced our first integrated airbag race suit in 2016 for racer Ondrej Jezek, which was soon followed by our cooperation with Karel Abraham from MotoGP. Thanks to having our own production plant, right here in the Czech Republic, we are able to continuously participate in the ongoing development of airbag systems, and their implementation into motorcycle clothing for both on-track and off-road use.