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Product Description

Two-piece sport-touring suit. Compatible for use with the Tech-Air 5 airbag system, in street/circuit modes. Jacket may be used separately, with moto jeans, thanks to extended leather panelling at the waist. A combination of cowhide and stretch cordura provide increased comfort. A special novelty is the perforated flap under the zip of the jacket, which effectively allows air escape from inside the suit in hot weather. Thanks to a double zip the chest circumference can increase by 5cm, creating space for air flow around inside of the suit. The design was made by suit specialist Jakub Paleček, of EXD Airbrush & Graphics.


  • Mens two-piece


  • Ready made


  • Airbag system TECH-AIR® 5 compatible.
  • Shoulders: 3D inner protectors Sas-Tec® with viscous elastic foam reinforced with outer impact energy absorption system PSI® DEAS – Double Energy Absorption System
  • Elbow, knee and shin: 3D inner protectors Betac® with viscous elastic foam reinforced with outer impact energy absoption system PSI® DEAS – Double Energy Absorption System
  • Cervical vertebra protectors - ‘’big hump’’
  • Hip: 3D protectors Sas-Tec® with viscous elastic foam with 2D Double implementation
  • Arms: reinforced with Viscofoam® memory foam
  • Collarbone and chest: reinforced with Viscofoam® memory foam
  • Coccyx: reinforced with Viscofoam® memory foam
  • Seat/buttocks: double leather reinforced.
  • Plastic reinforcement on exposed forearm seams.
  • Stretch Cordura with Keprotec® ceramics reinforcement on exposed areas.
  • Rubber reinforcement on inner knee for improved grip on the motorcycle.
  • Replaceable elbow sliders
  • Safety seams
  • Reflective element on back
  • Prepared for replaceable knee sliders (sliders aren´t included in price of suit)
  • Prepared for additional chest protector.


  • 2 inside pockets on inner lining


  • Elasticated leather elements: sleeves, back, hips allowing for maximum movement and sufficient space for airbag expansion.
  • Cordura stretch Tessitura®: sleeves, groin, leg for maximum movement.
  • Comfort collar of soft T-BOX textile for ease of movement of the head.
  • Sleeve cuffs of absorbent textile T-BOX for comfort fit with gloves.
  • Leg cuffs with soft, absorbent T-BOX textile to restrict leather build-up in boots.
  • Perforated textile strip with 5cm chest expansion, for efficient air circulation.


  • Cow hide 1.2 – 1.4 mm, high solid, cow hide from long established, specialist Italian supplier.
  • Perforated polyester lining.


  • Safety level AA by EN 17092-3-2020
  • 092-3-2020D3


DELTA 2D_en.jpg - PSí Hubík


My PSí racing suit makes me absolutely feel safely.

Arnaud Friedrich

Did you know?

We produced our first integrated airbag race suit in 2016 for racer Ondrej Jezek, which was soon followed by our cooperation with Karel Abraham from MotoGP. Thanks to having our own production plant, right here in the Czech Republic, we are able to continuously participate in the ongoing development of airbag systems, and their implementation into motorcycle clothing for both on-track and off-road use.