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Fresh colours are in evidence in the Spanish team AVATEL-CARDOSO headed by former MotoGP racer, José Luis Cardoso. Under his leadership young riders participate in the 2021 FIM CEV Repsol series. We are very happy the team have decided to equip their riders with our race suits.

Avatel Cardoso Racing TeamAvatel Cardoso Racing Team

David Muňoz a Daniel Muňoz in the Moto3 – Junior World Championship while Roberto Garcia tackles the Hawkers European Talent Cup (HETC).

Daniel Muňoz, Roberto Garcia, David Muňozcardoso team

Their suit design can certainly not be missed. Why is it important?

As the saying goes "it’s the real truth, clothes make th the man." And that is the case in motorsport too! Can you imagine a racing driver or rider in a T-shirt and shorts? I don’t think so. The race suit simply makes the racer a racer, just as armour did for the knight :-). In both cases it is about protecting the wearer!

The design, and overall colour compatibility with all team members provides them an identity of togetherness, and helps form the basic structure of order, and cooperation, without which there would be no racing. 

Graphic design of team suitgrafický návrh kombinézy

Avatel-Cardoso team overallscardoso team

Equipment tuningcardoso team

This is why we pay close attention to the design of your race suit, choosing the correct material colours, ... to meet your requirements, which in turn helps form the harmony, to bring the positive results..

Choose a shade from the color swatch for printing on leathervýběr odstínu ze vzorníku barev pro tisk do kůže

Our custom manufacturing plant enables us to meet the individual requirements of our customers. For our specialization in custom sewing motowear we employ a team of professionals who manage individual departments and oversee the accuracy of processing. Daily production passes through dozens of orders for individuals who chose their own design or equipment and lastly a tailored fit.

Our custom manufacturingVýroba kombinézy v individuálním designu v našem výrobním závodu v České republicetisk koombinézy do kůže

Final productfinální produkt PSí kombinéza

The journey from the initial design of your suit to the final manufacture takes several weeks but when it is done, and everything fits just as it should, then it really is worth the wait. At this point you can now just enjoy the ride.

Race trackzávodní trať


Did you know?

We have been using leather printing technology since 2010. The first suit we made with it was for Karel Abraham during world championship race testing. He felt so good in it that he used it for the race, and secured a podium!  Do you remember it? It was that years 125cc MotoGP in Valencia. 

What do was call "printed suits" at PSí? Find out this, and more, in the article PRINTED SUITS - DESIGN AND SAFETY COMBINED.



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