Live a change! 

Learn more about our motorcycle clothing made to measure from PSI HUBIK

Just clothing that suits your proportions will provide you a sufficient protection against climatic influences and mainly in case of your falls or crashes that you will not eliminate on your way. Enjoy a comfort of the suit that is made to measure and a draft your own design according to your fantasy and style. We sew one-part as well as two-part suits, jackets and trousers and you may choose leather or textile


Why the motorcycle clothing made to measure from PSI HUBiK

  • We have got our own production site in the Czech republic

  • We sew a one-part as well as two-part suit that perfectly suits to your figure

  • We draft a design that will fit to your motorcycle

  • In case that your body proportions will change in the meantime, we will adjust your suit

  • Minor repair or regular maintenance of the clothing is a matter of course

  • 30 years experience and a lot of satisfied customers


How to proceed?

First of all we will discuss your riding style and suit requirements

We will take your measures

We will select suitable materials and draft a design at your pleasure and ideas


The 30-year-experienced team will sew a suit 

You are delighted in your new suit :)



The last step depends on you. Leave us your contact and have a coffee in one of our company store in Tlumačov or Pilsen or let an unbinding offer of motorcycle outfit for you prepared.