Do you have in sight an expedition in the landscape?


Outfit yourself with an overall that is tested by experienced racers from Rally races. Coming from their requirements we made a suit from scuff-resistant materials fro your maximum protection. Thanks to the large aerating panels and light lining we achieved the requested ventilation at extremely high temperatures.

If you pass through the mountain at your expedition when the temperature reaches 0 degree, take the upper layers. The waterproof jacket and trousers work on the basis of membrane. They will detain water not to leak inside but they are also permeable. They will perfectly protect you against cold and rain.


Do you like road touring where the European climate prevails?


You will certainly appreciate a complete suit that is designed for any weather. Thanks to the layered material composition you can ride in the rain as well as the sun shines without being forced to stop and take the rain coats. You will not get wet thanks to inserted membrane. When it is hot, you will open the ventilation panels and you will manage it with caution even when driving.



Do you wish to reach maximum safety when driving?


We are very pleased to introduce you our technically sophisticated and unique overall for touring. When we developed the suit, we defined three basic parameters: thermal comfort, injury minimizing and optimum cut for high-speed riding. The result is our jacket and trousers which provide you the same protection as the racing suit for MotoGP racers.