1/ How much does the sewing of motorcycle clothing made to measure cost? What is the extra charge for extra large size? How much does the expert measurement in the shop cost?

There is no extra charge for oversized, and measurement at the store is free! Custom motorcycle clothing has prices according to the difficulty of the model, the materials and technology used. For actual prices contact us on email psi@psi.eu, or contact directly >> our salesmen.  

2/ If I want to let the clothing made to measure sewed, shall I book myself in the shop in advance? Do you speak German or English in your shops?

You do not need to book yourself. Just only when you are a foreigner and you do not speak Czech, it is better to fix a date in advance with us to manage that our staff, speaking fluently German or English, certainly attends in the shop.

Please contact our shop in Plzeň (Pilsen) on: plzen@psi.eu, tel.: +420 378 322 966

Please contact our shop in Tlumačov on: export@psi.eu, tel.: +420 577 929 723

3/ How long does the process of sewing of the motorcycle clothing made to measure take and how does it proceed?

Please count with an hour (sometimes even more) for the arrangement. First of all, we will choose the most suitable type of motorcycle clothing for your driving style. If possible, we will try on also a ready-made product. We will discuss what fits and what is to be adjusted when making to measure. We will draft a design in the computer program, we will choose colours according to our colour chart, we will discuss all details and options of accessories. We will size you up and make pictures of your figure for our cut designer to get necessary information. We will accept your advance payment and then it is finished (of course, you will have some coffee, tea upon request in the meantime :-)).

4/ How much do you require as an advance payment for the motorcycle clothing made to measure?

The advance payment is mostly 20.000 CZK or 800 €. 10.000 CZK or 400 € for the jacket or trousers. You can pay cash in Czech crowns as well in Euro, by card or bank transfer.

5/ How long does the sewing of the motorcycle clothing made to measure take?

The lead time of the finished clothing depends on the season when you come. The earliest possible lead time is in October, November and December (about 6 to 8 weeks). After the New year the lead times will get significantly longer, sometimes even up to double time. Please be informed about your current lead time >> our salesmen

6/ Is it necessary to try on the motorcycle clothing made to measure during production? 

No, the clothing is not being tried. After your measurement you will get a finished product.

7/ What about takeover/handover of the suit made to measure? Is it possible to send it by post?

Yes, the finished product can be sent to your address, although in the Czech Republic and in the neighbour countries we recommend you to pick it up in the production shop. Why? We will test and evaluate it technically if everything fits as requested.

8/ What will happen when the suit made to measure will not fit during the takeover/handover?

If you pick up the suit in person in the production shop, the sales assistant will immediately note needed adjustments in a special form for our production department and the suit will be retuned to the production plant to be reworked. These adjustments will be mostly done within 2 weeks. If you received the suit by post and it is impossible for you to visit us in person, then you will be in touch your sales contact by e-mail or phone and he will tell you how to proceed.

9/ Do you provide any winter or spring discounts?

No. The prices are ever defined for all calendar year. Only in case that there is a change of the ready-made product portfolio, there can be a sale of inventory of the previous model series.

10/ In which format do you need the logos I want to put on my motorcycle clothing?

The best format would be in the curves, cdr, eps, ai formats. Or you can send us the pictures by e-mail and we will tell you then, if the format is suitable.

11/ Is it possible to make the motorcycle clothing narrower or wider later?

Yes, thanks to own production site in the Czech Republic the adjustments may be done. All cuts and product documentation are archived. In case of need to adjust something, the data will be available to be used for the adjustment. For example, when the suit will be damaged in consequence of a fall, it is very easy to take the parts from the archive, produce new ones and replace them.

12/ Do you sew also gloves made to measure?

The gloves we let by other sub-contractors sewed (outsourced). But we consider our own production (in-sourcing) in future.

13/ Do you make also motorcycle jeans to measure?

Blue kevlar jeans are sold only in ready-made sizes, we can customize the CHAMPIONS pants.

14/ Do you produce suits with airbag? Eventually, may the airbag be inserted in the finished suit?

Yes, we make the leather suits with airbag system. We use the electronic system Tech-Air® from Alpinestars, which we implement into our leathers. You can find more informations on our blog >> https://www.psihubik.cz/en/motorcycle-airbags-in-psi-suits/.

The suit design must be constructionally made to insert the airbag. It is impossible to insert the Techair system into the suit, that is not Techair-ready.

15/ Which protectors from which producer do you use?

We primarily use our own PSí® system of double protection that includes a combined positioning of two types of protectors in the most exposed areas during the fall. They are in shoulders and elbows and they are called as Twin Ferrite System Protection (T.F.S. Protection). The inner protectors are ergonomically shaped sandwich mouldings from special plastics and the outer protectors are so called "ferrites" – the shells from ultra high-strength steel. This technology is tested by a plenty of professional riders (e.g. Karel Abraham, MotoGP) and the purpose of this system confirmed, as much as possible to absorb the impact energy, to spread the strength to wider area and minimize a risk of rider’s injury.

Next advantage of the T.F.S. Protection System is a reduction of damage of the suit during the fall. The repairs then only mean just to replace this outer protector; it is economical for the customers.

The PSí® protectors are used everywhere where the stress is put on safety (motorcycle suits, off road textile clothing). Where the customers prefer more comfort (touring kits), we use Sas-Tec ® protectors from viscoelastic foam from German producer.

The areas, where there is a need of bending, freedom of motion and it is impossible to insert rigid plastic protectors (hips, arms, collar bones, thorax, coccyx), are reinforced with a special foam Viscofoam® from German producer.

Then the PSi products are characterized by a special reinforced seating parts and safety seams.

16/ Which leather do you use and leather of which quality?

We use leathers from Italian reputable supplier of leathers with long-time tradition that is especially specialized in leather processing for the application on motorcycle clothing. The surface is coated as hydrophobic (waterproof), the material is especially tested against fraying, tensile resistance, perforation resistance and colour fastness.

We use cow leather with width of 1,2 to 1,4 mm for suits and selected jackets and trousers.

We use kangaroo leather with width of 0,9 to 1,1 mm for light-weight suits.

For some models, especially for ladies, we use special tempered (softened) cow leather Soft with width of 1,0 to 1,2 mm.

We use calf leather with width of 0,7 to 1,0 mm for the city collection or "cafe racer" style.

17/ Is the inner lining in the suits removable?

The removable inner lining is only in the one-piece suits. It is fixedly inserted in the two-piece suits.

18/ Which stretch materials do you use and in which parts of the suit can we choose them?

We use stretch kevlar fabric Keprotec from Swiss producer Schoeller® in the suits. It is the elastic fabric, reinforced by aramid fibers, with high resistance against rupture and fraying, it increases mobility in specific lots and air permeability, too. It is inserted in the sleeves, crutch, calf. We offer it in colours: black, red and blue.

19/ Does a suit design exist from kangaroo and cow leather, may I combine them?

Yes, you may choose a suit, all in cow leather or all in kangaroo leather. And it is not exception even to have a combination of kangaroo-cow leathers where the kangaroo leather is used for the front parts in the body and a part of sleeves where you need more comfort and softness to "conglobate yourself on the motorbike", other parts are made then from cow leather.


Yes, it is. The sales assistant will prepare an individual graphic draft of a voucher upon your request. After your consent he will print it, stamp it with our company stamp, sign it and press it in the foil. There is no need to indicate a name here and the payment may be settled in order that the donee will not know the amount. Ask for the voucher in the shop where the donee will arrange the job order >>https://www.psihubik.cz/contact/.

21/ Where is your production site situated and is it possible to see it?

Our production plant is situated in the Czech Republic, in Moravia. Yes, after the agreement with your sales assistant we may carry out our production tour for you. The excursions are held in working days from 9:00 a.m. to 01:00 p.m.