Interphone U-COM16 TWIN PACK

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520.75 €

Product Description

U-COM16 single, the new series of intercom for motorcycles, with full compatibility with all INTERPHONE-SENA products. The new compact device allows conference in MESH 2.0 for up to 24 users. Guaranteed backward compatibility with the previous series. Single version for a helmet.

  • Group communication up to 24 intercoms
  • New 40mm HD top sound speakers
  • Connection between control units with a simple click
  • Smallest mesh intercom on the market
  • Extended compatibility with all tft and gps systems on the market
  • Mesh Bridge, possibility to join another Bluetooth intercom to the mesh conversation
  • Native voice commands to manage device functions
  • Battery life up to 8 hours in Mesh and 15 in Bluetooth®
  • Connection between intercoms up to 1.6km
  • New super intuitive multilingual App to maximize device performance
  • Suitable for all helmet models
  • Menu with multilingual voice guide
  • Volume adjusts automatically for optimum sound quality.
  • Connection to smartphone
  • Listening / sharing music, phone calls
  • FM / RDS radio
  • It can also be used when it rains. IPX 67 waterproof
  • The intercom can be updated using the pc or mac
  • Possibility to manage the smartphone also through Apple and Android voice commands
  • Conversation between 2 intercoms with background audio of the radio / gps / music functions
  • Using the device functions in beginner or expert mode
  • Full charge in 1 hour
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • It naturally connects to all Sena intercoms and other brands with Anycom
  • Immersive sound with deep, penetrating bass and crystal clear highs



I very appreciate their high-quality products and their pursuits of continuous innovations. For example, thanks to implementation of a direct print on leather, the suit got lighter and more elastic. 

Jan Halbich