Interphone U-COM16 TWIN PACK

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Product Description

U-COM16 single, the new series of intercom for motorcycles, with full compatibility with all INTERPHONE-SENA products. The new compact device allows conference in MESH 2.0 for up to 24 users. Guaranteed backward compatibility with the previous series. Single version for a helmet.

  • Group communication up to 24 intercoms
  • New 40mm HD top sound speakers
  • Connection between control units with a simple click
  • Smallest mesh intercom on the market
  • Extended compatibility with all tft and gps systems on the market
  • Mesh Bridge, possibility to join another Bluetooth intercom to the mesh conversation
  • Native voice commands to manage device functions
  • Battery life up to 8 hours in Mesh and 15 in Bluetooth®
  • Connection between intercoms up to 1.6km
  • New super intuitive multilingual App to maximize device performance
  • Suitable for all helmet models
  • Menu with multilingual voice guide
  • Volume adjusts automatically for optimum sound quality.
  • Connection to smartphone
  • Listening / sharing music, phone calls
  • FM / RDS radio
  • It can also be used when it rains. IPX 67 waterproof
  • The intercom can be updated using the pc or mac
  • Possibility to manage the smartphone also through Apple and Android voice commands
  • Conversation between 2 intercoms with background audio of the radio / gps / music functions
  • Using the device functions in beginner or expert mode
  • Full charge in 1 hour
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • It naturally connects to all Sena intercoms and other brands with Anycom
  • Immersive sound with deep, penetrating bass and crystal clear highs



I have been racing since 1997 and I have been wearing the PSí suits for 19 seasons since 1999. I have no so long relationship with any other company than with PSí. 

Ondřej Ježek

Did you know?

We produced our first integrated airbag race suit in 2016 for racer Ondrej Jezek, which was soon followed by our cooperation with Karel Abraham from MotoGP. Thanks to having our own production plant, right here in the Czech Republic, we are able to continuously participate in the ongoing development of airbag systems, and their implementation into motorcycle clothing for both on-track and off-road use.