Kangaroo Leather Gloves PSI RACE DOG - černá/bílá/barevný potisk

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The first race gloves to be produced in the Czech Republic. The aim was to make our own PSí branded gloves, which will not only be comfortable but also provide the same levels of protection as our race suits. The result is a glove made from 15 different materials with the main base of kangaroo leather. Consisting of 132 different parts that combine in perfect harmony to deliver optimum protection for your hands. Aimed squarely at professional racers, they are also perfectly suited for normal street riders. The wearer should expect some initial small discomfort, which is a necessary side effect of these high-level gloves forming themselves to the wearers hand. Quickly, however, the owner shall be rewarded with 100% comfort and 100% protection. The gloves are delivered in a practical bag which, when used, shall ensure they are always kept, and found, together.


  • Back of the hand: knuckle protectors of Sas-Tec EN 13594 Level 2 in sandwich with thermoplastic shell.
  • Fingers: Viscofoam shock absorber.
  • Palm: Viscofoam + Poreten shock absorber.
  • Wrist: thermoplastic shell+ Viscofoam shock absorption.
  • Hand side: Viscofoam shock absorber + Aramid woven reinforcement.
  • Exposed areas reinforced with Kevlar.
  • Exposed seams reinforced with Kevlar thread.


  • Anatomical cut.
  • Stretch elements in the fingers.
  • Stretch elements over back of the hand.
  • External seams.
  • Wrist strap.
  • Adjustable cuff for fit with clothing.
  • Perforated leather to wick sweat from back of hand.
  • Perforated between the fingers.


  • Kangaroo hide.
  • Calf hide.
  • Kevlar fabrics.
  • Polyurethane linings.
  • Thermoplastic protectors.
  • Polyester linings.

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I made my mind up then and there to find a manufacturer that will supply me (a non racer) the same highest quality suit as the officially sponsored racers get. I want it to be made in the same factory by the same people from the same materials. PSI is that manufacturer! 

Simon Crafar

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