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Karel Abraham

About PSí

Any idea I have it is realized at Hubík’s and the help find the best solution.

In the World Championships I have been racing for several seasons, I already raced a couple of years before. In fact, on the minibikes I have been riding since my age of 9 years. I wear from everlasting the PSí HUBÍK suits, it is a Czech producer with whom I agreed best those times. Even that time, Mr Hubík sewed professional suits in world trade-mark quality. And I guess, he advanced about several levels higher than before.

It is convenient for me that we can work together on the suits development and I think that is advantageous for both of us because the progress we achieve with the suits is huge.

The advantage of or cooperation is our communication. Any idea I have it is realized at Hubík’s and the help find the best solution. I have no problem with a suit safety but on the contrary, I am very happy with it. I can see time to time how other racers who wear suits from global producers. And they are mostly much more ragged than my suit.

We need about twelve suits for a year including testings. In the MotoGP the suit is destroyed also during common ride, carbon blows up from the brakes that makes the suit dirty, incises into its surface. For this reason we are forced to change it more often, not only after the fall.

The design of current suits is made by my friend – he is Sebastien Arputzo, a French designer. In the last years he has been designing also a motorbike and I think that he is really very good.

I have nothing essential, especially no special technological features which would be not be for another one than me on the suit. Probably the biggest curiosity is that I have no inside lining on my suit. It would not be convenient for most of people I find it better as it is. Since 2017 it is mandatory to have an airbag in the suit in MotoGP, therefore I am happy that PSí solve it too and they cooperate with Dainese.

Karel Abraham