We work with leather, textile and make motorcycle clothing every day. Therefore we also know how to take care of clothing in the best way. Enjoy an advantage of our professional services such as cleaning and protection of motowear.

What does exactly mean taking care of motorcycle clothing?

Pay appropriate attention to your clothes to serve you as longest and as best as possible. Our company offers you professional product cleaning. We perfectly know your clothes; we have produced them therefore we can provide you the best treatment.

The professional cleaning of motorcycle clothing from PSí Hubík: 

  • Inspection – we check material, suturation, protectors and all parts of clothing

  • Cleaning – we clean the clothes manually or with special cleaner using the Suede Life method – delicate cleaning. This method is very effective because the product is properly cleaned in wet way on external and internal side as well. Because of this method the liner flicks away impurity, sweat and smell.  

  • Consulting – staff at any of our shop will advice you with pleasure how to take care of your clothes by yourselves. For appropriate treatment you should control the function, remove the impurity, and treat the clothes with proper agents.

Do not underrate the inspection and treatment of your motowear. It is especially about your safety!  


Our recommendation:

Wipe off the impurity on the clothing by using a wet swab just after every ride.  If you get wet when raining, it is best to dry up the clothing and then treat leather with nutrient balsam and then impregnate textile. 

With any question or request contact one of our shop PSí Hubík