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In good news for customers following the development of  incorporated airbag systems in motorcycle suits, PSí HUBÍK s.r.o. signed a contract with, the Italian company, ALPINESTARS on 29th May 2018 allowing the company to offer this latest technology to the general public.

Why Tech-Air® from ALPINESTARS?

As a number of customers have noticed we began utilising integrated airbags into Psi suits in 2015. From the beginning it was clear to us that we wanted to partner only with a company having long term experience and development in the field of these systems. As such we have selected what we believe to be the best option on the market and now offer our customers the Tech-Air® System from ALPINESTARS. A product which meets all our requirements.


Tech-Air® Airbag System from ALPINESTARSTech-Air® Airbag System from ALPINESTARS

Which options were considered?

In the course of our air bag implementation we tested a number of system options. These were either mechanically operated via a cable or electronically activated by assessing rider movement parameters.  The mechanical systems comprise of an arrangement whereby the rider is connected to the motorcycle by a cable. In the event of that cable being subject to sharp tension, due to the rider separating from the machine, a gas inflation device activates inside the airbag. This type of design was evaluated as being a simple and cheap option but also the less practical, comfortable and efficient. The electronic option consists of the airbag being constantly monitoring dynamic properties of the rider and their environment, detecting a crisis situation and deploying accordingly, broadly similar to that employed in the automobile field. This electronic solution was repeatedly identified by our team as being the best option for both road and race track applications. After considering all options in this area, from a functional point of view, we selected the Tech-Air® System from Alpinestars as being best suited to our needs and is applicable not only in one and two piece suits but also in single leather jackets.

Mr. Libor Hubík, MSc. with his PSi team on training at Alpinestars Mr. Libor Hubík, MSc. with his PSi team on meeting at Alpinestars

What are the advantages of the Alpinestars Tech-Air® system?

Of particular benefit to customers is the possibility  to get protection for more than one product when they purchase an airbag. If the airbag purchased  is implemented into a race suit , it can be modified for use in a touring suit or single piece jacket.  This is valid with our products that have been designed and configured  for common use of the system which are identified by the Tech-Air® logo on the sleeve.

If purchasing a RACE spec airbag the Tech-Air® system, also allows easy switching between the RACE and  STREET parameters as detailed below. In practice, it means that if you ride on the circuit and the road, you are optimized for protection in both cases.

In the STREET configuration the system  interprets critical motions of the rider as are typically found in road based accidents which also very often involve impact with another vehicle.  This applies not only to moving incidents but also to when stationary and the motorcycle is impacted, for example from behind by another vehicle.

In the RACE configuration, the system interprets crisis behaviour as the typical "highside" crash. In this mode a useful is that the Tech-Air® system, which contains  two inflation gas cartridges, will deploy only one and the race can be continued, leaving the second canister and thus full protection available for repeat use if needed. Note that when is STREET mode both cannisters are discharged at the same time (Except XXL size).

Last but not least is the fact that the airbag vest is designed separately, independent of the outside product. This means the customer may fully and safely use the garment also without the airbag. The lifetime of this unique product is 10 years.

How does the Tech-Air®  System work?

The inflatable vest incorporates an ACU (Airbag Control Unit) preloaded with Alpinestars own software utilising its own algorithms in conjunction with three built in accelerometers and a gyroscope. These four sensors measure acceleration and motion to detect crashes or incidents typical of the RACE or STREET mode, in which the vest is set. Upon exceeding preset values the system detects the rider to be in a dangerous situation and activates the inflation accordingly.

When the system is activated, the airbag is inflated within 25 ms in STREET mode with both cartridges being deployed at the same time.  In RACE mode the system fires a single cannister, inflating the bag in 45 ms. The activated bag provides 360° protection around the upper body with reinforced areas to the shoulders, chest, upper abdomen, back and kidney area. The protection remains for up to 5 000 ms, after which time the bag is gradually deflated. 

How is the rider protected by the Tech-Air® system?

When the system is activated, the airbag is inflated within 25 ms in STREET mode.  In RACE mode the system fires a single cannister, inflating the bag in 45 ms.  The activated bag provides 360° protection around the upper body with reinforced areas to the shoulders, chest, upper abdomen, back and kidney area. The protection remains for up to 5 000 ms, after which time the bag is gradually deflated. 

Video von der Aktivierungs-Probe des Airbags in der PSí-Kombi RACING GRID


How is service ensured?

One of our requirements in selecting a system was to provide 100% provision of service for our customers within the earliest possible lead time. ALPINESTARS worked with us to meet this demand by providing support to our staff and upon completing training at the  ALPINESTARS factory we became the approved service for the Tech-Air® System in the Czech Republic.     

Jan Ernest on service training at Alpinestars Jan Ernest on service training at Alpinestars


How much does an airbag suit cost?

One of the advantages is that the airbag system can be worn in any compatible garment, in both ready-made as well as made-to-measure sizing. You thus are not limited in choice and individual custom design is also possible. Simply choose a model that you like or we will draft a design for your needs and manufacture it in the AIR version, that is “PREPARATION FOR AIRBAG”. This preparation (change of basic cut, placing of LED lights, airbag implementation kit) is charged in addition to the suit price for an additional 3.499 CZK / 146 €. The price of a single airbag is 30.999 CZK/ 1.199,95 €

Example of price quotation:

Model RACING MONZA              26.999 CZK / 1.079,96 €

Made-to-measure +10%            2.699 CZK / 107,96 €

Preparation for AIRBAG              2.000 Kč / 80,00 €

Airbag Tech-Air®                      30.999 CZK / 1.239,96 €

Complete price                       64.696 CZK / 2.587,84 €


Service price:

Regular maintenance check –  1 time every 24 months 2.599,- CZK / 99,95 €

Complete repair after crash / impact ( including new cartridges) 7.799,- CZK / 299,95 €


How to order?

Visit our factory shops in Tlumačov near Zlín or in Plzeň (Pilsen) where our skilled, professional staff will answer all your questions, demonstrate the system and if you are interested will place an order for you. Foreign customers, or those from further afield, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our export department who will assist you in creating an on-line order.

In summary,

This technology is a groundbreaking way to protect the motorcycle rider.  The fact that you can enjoy your freedom of motion when riding your motorcycle and be “under control” at the moment of danger is quite unbelievable. The greatest of respect and sincere thanks go to all the people behind these technologies and when they use their skills to help others it is even more worthy. Maximum safety of motorcyclists has always been at the forefront of our company along with utilising the most up-to-date technologies of moto wear manufacturing to achieve it. By that reasoning we have the honour to protect you, our customers even more.

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