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Multifunctional Scarf DOG - černá/šedá/červená/žlutá

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Product Description

Multifunctional, elasticated scarf in a higher weigh,t for summer use as well as in cooler and damper weather. Ideal for wearing under a suit or bike jacket, where it will not only keep out the wind but also flying insects! Bold graphics feature a colourful dog, which plays on our company name PSí, the letter from the Greek alphabet but which also happens to be the same spelling as the Czech word “psi” for a dog.  This original graphic is for fans of our brand, plus dog lovers everywhere. Ideal for fun times on the bike, as well as other sports, and outdoor activities.


  • 90% Polyester
  • 10% Spandex


  • 25cm (width) x 45cm (height)



My PSí racing suit makes me absolutely feel safely.

Arnaud Friedrich

Did you know?

We produced our first integrated airbag race suit in 2016 for racer Ondrej Jezek, which was soon followed by our cooperation with Karel Abraham from MotoGP. Thanks to having our own production plant, right here in the Czech Republic, we are able to continuously participate in the ongoing development of airbag systems, and their implementation into motorcycle clothing for both on-track and off-road use.