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The safety and protection of the wearer, always has, and forever shall be, the number one priority in the construction of motorcycle clothing at PSí. Since the outset of the company, we have been doing our own development. In the beginning this was based on the experience of our founder, ing Libor Hubík, from his everyday riding on street, touring and track machines. As time progressed, we included testing from professional riders, in the most prestigious classes of motorcycle racing, right up until today, and our cooperation with the faculty of Applied Sciences at the University of West Bohemia (ZČU) in Pilsen, and the joint project of protective motorcycle clothing.

Libor Hubík, PSí founder and motorcycle clothing designerLibor Hubík, konstruktér motooděvů

As mentioned, from the beginning of production, we have emphasised the rider’s safety, and in addition to available protectors we also developed our own technologies, to increase the protective function. We introduced double protection features on our products 20 years ago. First there were CARBON SHELLS, next FERRITES - Twin Ferrite System Protection, and this year we have developed a new innovation in a technology area that we call DEAS - Double Energy Absorption System.


Carbon shells, 2001carbonové chrániče

Twin Ferrite System Protection - TFS, 2008feritové chrániče

Double Energy Absorption System - DEAS, 2021chrániče DEAS - ramenachrániče DEAS se sliderem - lokty

What is the principle of double protection?

The doubling consists of placing the protectors both inside the product and on the outside. It is very important, however, to ensure there is a space between the two layers, with a cushioning insert in the gap, to absorb as much energy from an impact as possible, spreading it over a large surface area. It is thus not only an “overlay” but also an ingenious functional system, that has been tested, in practice, by many racers and customers.

Karel Abraham, MotoGPKarel Abraham, MotoGP

Why is the double protection system so valuable?

A motorcycle rider is constantly exposed to the risk of falling, be it on the road, in traffic, or on a closed-circuit race track. There simply is a risk of accident everywhere. The only physical protection is what the rider is wearing. This is why we, at PSí, look at motorcycle wear primarily as a technical issue. In our mind the suit is a carrier of protective elements, of which the double protection system is one, and it very much depends on the individual components, materials, their optimum design and subsequent processing, to come together and combine perfectly to be 100% functional.

Ondřej Ježek, WSBKOndřej Ježek - pád 

Which parts of the body are covered with the double protection system?

In PSí we pay close attention to the statistics, and analysis, from the evaluation of falls. This is something we have access to thanks to cooperation with competitors within our industry, as well as from our own, in-house, product repair service. The most common injury is a fractured clavicle, and so the double system strengthens the shoulder, and collar bone, as well as the elbow.

PSí Production plant, manufacture with DEAS protectorsVýrobní závod motooděvů - PSí  

Last but not least we are looking at other ways to measure the safety levels of our products, over and above current standard methods and required certifications. It was thus that in 2014 we started our cooperation with the faculty of Applied Science at ZČU in Pilsen, where research and measurements are developed and made .

Faculty of Applied Science ZČU Plzeň, mobility measurementiSpolupráce s Fakultou ZČU v Plzni  

Are you interested to learn how much the shoulder protection is improved over the standard? This and other interesting details of the new DEAS technology is explained in the following video, and all explained by the designer, Libor Hubik.

Video of DEAS technology with s Libor Hubík


If you want to see the DEAS technology on products from our collection, then take a look at:

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