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„Supporting the young competitors in Brno is something we do from the heart “, says Libor Hubík, the founder of PSí, adding: „It doesn’t matter if they will become professional racers or not, they are boys, who love motorcycles.“

Juniorský tým Masarykova Okruhu Brna v PSí

Members of the Brno Circuit Junior Racing Team


We have been producing equipment for bike racers for more than thirty years, working our way right up to MotoGP. „Cooperating with young people is always very positive and it is part of the philosophy of our company to support the next generation of young racers as much as we can. It is something that we do from the heart. Supporting them right from practically the start, and watching as they develop, makes us very happy, “explains company founder, Libor Hubík.

  Monika a Libor Hubíkovi

Libor and Monika Hubík


The presentation of this year’s suits, in the Masaryk Circuit design, took place directly in the PSí HUBÍK production facility. This was done for two reasons. The first to show the juniors how race suits are manufactured and, the second, to directly thank the skilled seamstresses for their dedicated, high-quality work. 

Filip Novotný, jezdec Northern Talent Cupu

Filip Novotný, Northern Talent Cup rider and team mates 


„The new suit is great. I am really looking forward to using it for the first time. We went through all the workshops to see how they are made, and we even got to try a little. It is not so easy to do. I really appreciate it “said Filip Novotný, who competes in the Northern Talent Cup, after evaluating today’s experience, and who was joined by his fellow competitors, Michal Prokeš and Tadeáš Benáček, at the presentation. 

PSí výroba kombinéz  

A workshop called „How To Make A Race Suit “, was presented to the junior riders with the intention of letting them gain an appreciation for just what goes into the suit before they can put it on, and go racing.

Workshop "Jak se vyrábí závodní kombinéza"


One of the tasks „Workshop – How To Make A Race Suit “


Even though it was not a regular school day for the visitors, right at the beginning of the visit to PSí they received a list of tasks to be performed throughout the excursion. Some of them were not at all easy. 

Junioři v PSí

Workshop ve výrobě kombinéz PSí pro JRT

After the theory came the practical test. The youngsters had to make a leather keychain, which was prepared in the shape, and design, of their own suits, by themselves. They performed the task excellently, receiving direct praise from the professional leather seamstress.

Ukázka výroby klíčenky v PSí  

Making leather keychains in the shape and design of the suits for the JRT

Klíčenky PSí v designu kombinézy JRT Výroba klíčenky v PSí dětmi z mibibikové akademie Brna Šití klíčenky v designu JRT

For paying attention and performing well in the workshop, they earned a certificate of graduation along with gifts of caps and t-shirts personalised with their names, pleasing everyone.

Workshop v PSí Workshop v PSí Certifikát o absolvování workshopu v PSí

The excursion continued with a demonstration of airbag system technology. The protection of riders on the racetrack is constantly evolving and improving, with an increasing number of championships mandating the use of competitor airbags. Michal Šembera, the coach of the young racers, acted as guinea pig trying his hand at activating one of the systems.

Michal Šembera, trenér brněnského okruhu

Michal Šembera, Junior Team trainer, activates an airbag vest


There was also a demonstration in the workshop of the specialist manufacture of kangaroo hide racing gloves, which has been recently introduced by PSí.  This especially impressed not only our young racers but also their accompanying family members. Making these gloves involves a very precise stitching of the component elements that, at times, needs the seamstress to use small pliers to stitch the seams as finely as possible, thus guaranteeing the wearer a high level of comfort.  

První závodní rukavice vyrobené v Česku  

Race Glove production in the Czech Republic


Finally, the youngsters got to try their suits, and gave a fashion show to the production team who had made them. A personal thank you from the recipients to the seamstresses, in the form of a spring flower and mug with the Brno circuit logo, pleasantly wrapped up a productive, and happy, day at the PSí HUBÍK production facility.


Kombinézy pro JRTMembers of the Masaryk Circuit Junior Race Team, thanking the PSí seamstresses

Poděkování švadlenkám PSí Poděkování švadlenkám PSí Kolektiv PSí HUBÍK a junioři akademie z Brna  

The boys took a solemn moment to remember their friend, and colleague, Kuba Gurecky who tragically recently lost his life, during an indoor training session. They gathered at his photo to send him a heartfelt salute in racing heaven. His talents, and the special moments they all shared together, shall ensure Kuba and his starting number #59, which is part of the design for the new Masaryk Circuit suit design, shall always be remembered.Jakub Gurecký, vítěz Northern Talent Cupu 2021

Jakub Gurecký, Northern Talent Cup Champion 2021

Did you know? 

PSí has been producing, and servicing, the race suits for the mini-bike academy, and Junior Race Team of the Brno Masaryk Circuit, since its inception. Participants range from 4 to 18 years old, and the academy currently has around 50 members. The best riders take part in international competition in Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic, or the prestigious Northern Talent Cup, which is a competition for the best 24 riders in Central and Northern Europe.

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