Kidney Belt TRONES - černá

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Product Description

The TRONES is characterised by its lightness and softness. The belt supports, and protects, around the lower torso, as well as keeping out the cold. 3D textile ensures wicking of moisture from the wearer. The size is easily set thanks to elasticated, adjustable side straps.  Velcro is positioned such that it will not damage functional underwear. In designing the belt, we always kept in mind the sitting position on the bike and so kept the number of material layers at the front, over the abdomen, to a minimum. The TRONES kidney belt is very storage friendly, and shall prove to be a useful addition on your bike trips.


  • unisex


  • Neoprene
  • 3D textile.
  • Elastic straps.
  • Composition: 80% polyester + 20% polyamide



Since 2017 I was one of racers who was allowed to use a D-Air System in the suit and I am really proud of it and I must thank PSí for this maximum protection.

Michal Indi Dokoupil