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Product Description

Two-piece leather suit for street riding, and occasional track day use. Fully compatible with the TECH-AIR®5 airbag system, as well  additional features, typically found on racing equipment . Speed hump which, in the event of a fall, helps protect the cervical vertebrae. Technology DEAS double protection on the shoulders along with removable elbow sliders. Sport riding comfort, such as through the curves, is facilitated by stretch Kevlar panels from the back of the calves, up the thighs to the crotch. Integrated velcro fastners for securely locating knee sliders. Overall the suit provides great sport riding comfort.


  •  TECH-AIR®5 ready
  • Shoulder, elbow, knee, shin: Betac® 3D protectors from viscoelastic foam
  • Shoulder, elbow : PSI® DEAS - Double Energy Absorption System, external shock absorption system
  • Elbow: removable elbow sliders
  • Back: Sas-Tec® 3D protector from viscoelastic foam in a zip pocket. Easily removable
  • Ceverical verterbra hump protector – prepared for addition of optional hydropack
  • Hip: Sas-Tec® - 3D protector from viscolelastic foam
  • Arm: reinforced with Viscofoam® memory foam
  • Collar bone and chest:  reinforced with Viscofoam® memory foam
  • Forearm: protector
  • Coccyx: Molitan reinforcement
  • Reinforced seat area
  • Safety seams
  • Reflective elements
  • Prepared for additional knee sliders
  • Prepared for additional chest protector


  • 2x inner pockets in the lining


  • Elasticated leather panels - arm, back and hips for maximum comfort as well as providing space for inflation of airbag
  • Stretch Kevlar of Schoeller Keprotec® in sleeve, crotch and leg to allow for ease of movement
  • Comfortable collar from soft material providing ease of neck rotation
  • Sleeve closing with absorbent, textile cuff for comfort fit with gloves
  • 3D lining on the back for superior wicking of sweat
  • Stretch kevlar on the shins to minimise gathering of the suit inside the boot
  • Hump prepared for addition of drinks bag - Hydroback
  • Perforated leather for ventilation and sweat wicking


  • 1.2 to 1.4 mm cow hide from long established, traditional, Italian supplier
  • Perforated polyester lining


Product video


SEPANG_protectors_DEAS_en.png - PSí Hubík


I have been racing since 1997 and I have been wearing the PSí suits for 19 seasons since 1999. I have no so long relationship with any other company than with PSí. 

Ondřej Ježek