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Štěpán Zuda

About PSí

We asked for an extension of the suit and small repairs in 2017. It was managed within a month.

Since year 2017 I ride at the Minibike CUP in German ADAC on the motorbike Honda NSF100.

All the time I have used just two suits from PSí. The first one I use for my trainings and the other one for the races. The training suit “survived” many falls and it is still safe.

We asked for an extension of the suit and small repairs in 2017. It was managed within a month.

I began to grow up a little, so I may need a new one for next season.

I am very happy with the quality and attitude of PSí!

I draft suits with my father, I have always a cock sign on my back.

We will ride CEV with the motorbike Moto4 in 2018, the design will be adjusted according to the team for which I will ride.

Štěpán Zuda