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The Czech Goodwill project awards "Corporate Oscars" focussing on entrepreneurs, and companies that are particularly noted for their responsible approach to business, moral qualities and honest work practices. The nomination of PSí HUBÍK in 2017 was something that pleased us greatly, and when the organisations members requested a visit to our production plant, we were only too happy to welcome them!

Visit Arranged by The Hubik Family.Exkurzi provádí rodina HubíkůNot all of the Goodwill members were familiar with the motorcycle industry so they first learned who (what) PSí is and how we started with the production of our suits in the Czech Republic.

Production Since 1990.Výroba kombiné od roku 1990

The story of the factory property, which Ing Libor Hubik, acquired and reconstructed in 2016 due to the need to increase production capacity, is also interesting "The building was primarily built by women", he tells those listening. "This was between 1946-1948, after a fire destroyed the original wooden structure on the site, and thus the ladies could not work, so the then owner involved them in the construction.”

The building was primarily being used for the production of clothing, so most of the employees were seamstresses. Unfortunately, in 1948 the enterprise was nationalised, and the original owner, under the pretext of not having paid proper taxes, was interned in a forced labour camp”.

The original gatehouse and telephone exchange building which now serves as a summer meeting room for PSí HUBÍK visitors.Původní vrátnice a telefonní ústředna

From 1950 to 1989 the company was incorporated as Šohaj Strážnice, and during operations up to 150 per shift were involved in the production linens and shirts. It is little wonder that they needed a doorman and a telephone exchange. Currently we use the space as a summer meeting room for visitors. We have preserved the elements of Bata’s architecture, which is a great influence in the Zlin region. Typified in the use of the brick, concrete, metal and glass elements.

The production tour then proceeds through various individual workplaces, from the preparation of separate components, including the specialised printing on to the hide, to the final sewing of the completed suits.

Preparation of custom-made suits.Výrobní závod motooděvů PSí 

Sewing a race suit.PSí HUBÍK

There are interesting things to learn, not just in production but from behind the scenes of motorsport. One of the participants asks: "Why is cooperation with top riders, like in MotoGP, so important?", to which Libor explains: "This provides us with very unique feedback that we simply cannot get anywhere else. MotoGP riders are hitting 350 km/h (approx. 220 mph), and this allows us to observe, for example, the dynamic effects on the design and cuts of the suits."

"And another thing", adds Libor, "We have data from a documented crash of Karel Abraham at 238 km/h”. Many falls in the likes of MotoGP happen at speeds over 200 km/h, and in examining the damaged suits from these crashes we can see the areas where we can develop ever improving protection for the vulnerable areas of the body, sometimes even seemingly small parts We take the experience from the race track, and apply it to not only our sports suits but also the classic collections for every day riding, and travel.

Cooperation with professional riders.Spolupráce s jezdci

The Goodwill members also showed interest in product support, in the form of accident repairs, re-sizing and cleaning. As business owners themselves they were curious of the economic and other factors of these services. We explain it is natural for us, as original producers of the garments, that we support our customers in keeping the product in good working condition, for as long as possible. Once more we stress the invaluable feedback that we obtain from seeing the products throughout their working life, as it allows us to constantly develop our products to provide greater rider protection.

Repair Service.Výroba motooblečení PSí HUBÍK

One last photograph, but we do not part for too long ... . 

Members of the Czech Goodwill at PSí.Exkurze Český Goodwill u PSí

After a small wait we make a joint excursion to the company Nirvana Systems, a manufacturer of Motor Paragliding Equipment and seller of Autogyros. Believe it or not but here we also see PSí products, in the form of special, custom-made textile overalls. 

Textile suit of Ing. Pavla Březiny, founder and owner of Nirvana Systems.Textilní kombinéza PSí na paragliding

Historical motorised paragliding suit, custom made by PSí for Pavel Březiny, founder and owner of Nirvana Systems, the seven time champion of the Czech Republic as well as European and World Champion in his discipline.

Motor Paragliding production.Nirvana Paragliding

Autogyro sales.prodejce virníků

What can we say in closing? When people come together to create, produce, do business, even in completely different fields, then they will always have something to say that can inspire, and support each other.

Therefore, we would like to than the members of the Czech Goodwill for their visit, and the wonderful day.