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Do you have a unique idea for being on your bike? An original design that absolutely no one else has? At PSí HUBÍK our production plant puts no constraints on your creativity. Whatever you can come up with our team can make a reality. Don’t believe it? See for yourself ....

On the road, and recently also on the track, you may meet with Jana, from the Czech city of Zlin. Thanks to the unique design of both her Triumph and leathers, she is certainly hard to miss. You don’t often see such perfect coordination. 

Unique Triumph motorcycle and suit designblog_triumph_uvod

We asked Jana just what was involved in getting the unique, and distinctive design on her bike and suit.

Interview with Jana, biker from Zlin, At the PSí shop 

Jana, how did you come up with the idea in the first place – the bike and suit?

"It was actually a long-standing dream. This is my second bike and third suit … all from PSí”, she says with a smile “and I knew what style of motorcycle I wanted, how the covers and panels should look and the suit could match”.

Who is behind this unique design?

"It is from a friend of mine, Jakub Vráblík, who is a designer and graphic artist. I am in a design environment every day with drawings, designs, foils, stickers, cars and motorcycles around me as standard. There was no shortage of inspiration. Jakub’s personal style is recognisable and close to my own taste …. even if he wasn’t my friend”.

So how did it progress?

" At first there was the colours. From the outset I knew I wanted girls’ colours and pink was a must. Silver invokes chrome and fits to the bike. Black brings it all together. The inspiration for the design was a robotic theme and so we looked at pictures, comic books and so on. I also liked the look I saw on some sports leggings !!”

How many iterations did you go through before you said “WOW” that’s what I want?

" There was actually only one but it was refined. The most important thing was to specify my wishes. We discussed all sorts of ideas, and thoughts based on things personal and meaningful to me. For example, I recited some of my favourite lyrics from Beyonce... and Jakub took all this, incorporating it in to a proposal that would be as personal to me as possible."

Graphic design of suit for production

How was the reaction at PSí, when you came up with the final proposal?

"They liked it but at the same time were a bit shocked ", recalls Jana. "They already knew Jakub’s work inside PSí, as he had been doing external work with them for a number of years. Jakub already knew a lot about the production of the suits and how to process the design to be compatible with that which was appreciated inside the factory. Of course, the people at PSí immediately knew that the live design would look good, even if it was a challenge to produce.”

What was your first impression once you saw the completed item?

"I was moved, excited, I really liked it. It's completely different when you see a design on a PC, or on paper, and then when it turns into a real garment that you can actually wear.”

How did you feel when you put it on?

"I felt great … it felt great! In any case it is my third suit from PSí, so I knew what to expect from a new garment as to how it would sit on my body, when I move and so on. They have a record of my figure in the factory for the fit, which can also be modified if needs be."

What has been the reaction, from others, to your new “outfit”?

"They seem to like it, and I have had positive feedback so far. I even get people taking pictures of me on rides and it gets “likes” on social media. I am pleased that I have an original design that no one else has, and I really like to wear. It is the only thing I ride in. I feel safe with it on and really enjoy being on my Triumph Daytona 675 with it".



Thank you, Jana, for the interview, and we wish you many happy kilometres. Thanks also to the creator of the design Jakub Vráblík, FOFR design a for the photographs Bára Tichá.



In conclusion what can we say?

We are pleased we were able to realise such an unconventional design, and that the result is really worth it. We are sure that should you meet Jana on your travels, it will come to your mind what is behind this coordinated design of positive energy, creativity and also the work of the skilled Czech people who made it all happen.

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If you also have the desire and confidence to become a unique biker on track or street then please contact us.