Leather Gloves PSí MARTYNAS - šedá/černá/červená

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Leather Gloves PSí MARTYNAS
Leather Gloves PSí MARTYNAS
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Product Description

Sport touring motorcycle gloves.  Designed for year-round use. Soft cowhide with integrated protectors ensures both safety and comfort. Partial perforation prevents excessive heat build-up and wicks sweat . The design, and colour scheme, are in line with current biking style. From a practical standpoint, an additional feature is the inside of the glove is made from a light leather which eliminates the occasional unwanted discolouration of the hands from dyed leather.


  • Back Of Knuckles: ergonomically shaped plastic joint protector.
  • Back: Shock absorbing polyurethane foam.
  • Fingers: Shock absorbing polyurethane foam over the joints.
  • Palm: Shock absorbing polyurethane foam


  • Anatomical cut over bar gripping area.
  • Flexible elements over all joints.
  • Natural leather for secure handlebar grip.
  • Velcro wrist strap.
  • Easy cuff size adjustment with Velcro fastening.
  • Perforated leather for wicking sweat on back of the hand.


  • Soft cow-hide.
  • Polyester lining.


I have been racing since 1997 and I have been wearing the PSí suits for 19 seasons since 1999. I have no so long relationship with any other company than with PSí. 

Ondřej Ježek