KRYPTON - MINIBIKE SUIT - černá/bílá/červená

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Racing suit designed for mini bikes with a combination of cowhide, Cordura® and ceramic material from Schoeller. Stretch Cordura makes the suit sufficiently flexible. Provides maximum protection thanks to the large proportion of leather and ceramics in exposed areas and a set of gel protectors at the joints. The possibility of fixing the protectors on elbows with tightening straps is a big advantage because it gives you the possibility to regulate the girths around the body. This way you can use the mini bike suit for your child for more than one year while keeping the maximum level of protection. Related product: Separate backbone protector


MINIBIKE KRYPTON_chranice_en.png - PSí Hubík


I made my mind up then and there to find a manufacturer that will supply me (a non racer) the same highest quality suit as the officially sponsored racers get. I want it to be made in the same factory by the same people from the same materials. PSI is that manufacturer! 

Simon Crafar