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Do you search some motorcycle trousers in jeans style for summer but you require a higher safety? The trousers CHAMPIONS 65 meet the highest air-permeability requirements in the hot months thanks to the outer textile fabric with a relative content of cotton and in addition with adjustable aeration on the thighs. The protection is guaranteed by a relative content of high-strength Cordura, essential reinforcement of the exposed areas thanks to leather and kevlar from a Swiss supplier Schoeller® and protectors which are situated without limit the design and your comfort. The unique trousers are designed by Mr Libor Hubík, MSc. who linked the retro style and current requests for maximum safety in motorcycle clothing together. He applied the up-to-date materials and technical design solutions. The graphics refers to the successful motoring history of Czech riders of the 60’s. The proof of it is a score list from the year 1965 which you can find on the rear leather pockets of the trousers. They have got beside the "indicative" character even a protective function of your hips and seating area thanks to the used material (cow leather), their size, shape and position. The comfort is assured by a perfect cut with a raised anatomic seat. The Kevlar stretch in the crutch area enables an easy motion on the motorcycle. The lower part of the trouser legs is designed for the boots when you will easily pull the trousers over the motorcycle boots by means of lateral zips. The metal zips EXCELA are characterized with rounded teeth reducing the scratching and they have an increased strength. The trousers are designed for comfortable touring in summer. You will look stylish and first of all you we feel safely!


  • Sas-Tec® knees with shanks – optionally removable
  • Sas-Tec® hips – optionally removable
  • leather-reinforced areas (hips, seating area, knees, shanks)
  • kevlar-reinforced areas (hips, seating area, knees, shanks)
  • safety seams


  • 5 times outer pockets in jeans style
  • 2 times adjustable aerating pockets with zips on the thighs


  • cut for touring driving style
  • maximum air-permeability
  • kevlar stretch in the crutch area
  • raised anatomically shaped seat


  • Outer material: textile fabric 55% cotton + 35% Cordura DuPont®
  • Kevlar stretch Schoeller® in the crutch area
  • Outer reinforcement: snuffed cow leather with hydrophobic surface coating by 3D NANO technology
  • Inner reinforcement: Keprotec Schoeller®


CHAMPIONS 65_chranice_2_en.png - PSí Hubík


I have been racing since 1997 and I have been wearing the PSí suits for 19 seasons since 1999. I have no so long relationship with any other company than with PSí. 

Ondřej Ježek

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